Home Edit dedicates themselves to creating and recreating spaces that reflect the people who inhabit them.  Our best work comes when we are able to combine our clients personal needs and style with our own instincts.  The ultimate reflection of our work comes through our clients sense of comfort, pride, and peace and a feeling that they are truly home.

Home Edit accomplishes this by utilizing their clients own home furnishings to Repurpose, Reuse, Refurbish, Refresh, Regroup and Redesign their interiors. With our editing eye, we are able to give your home a fresh, new look.

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  • Interior Redesign/One-day Room Redesign

    We apply our “eye”, knowledge, and standard design principles to rearrange, refine and/or repurpose your current pieces. The result is a transformation into a space that is fluid, functional, and fabulous.Interior designers are costly. Their services are often very expensive and many times the design reflects the designer’s style and not your own with the emphasis mainly on replacing pieces you currently own. By building from the foundation of the things you have and love, Home Edit focuses on your style and the way you live in your space. We also offer personalized shopping to add features and pieces to your space, if you desire an updated or completely new look.

  • Organizing

    We eliminate the chaos that clutter can bring to your home and life. Our services include sorting, purging, installing, and organizing each space of your home and/or home office creating time-saving systems and fluid function. Perfect for any room in your home including:

    • home office/computer and paper management

    • kitchen organizing and efficiency design

    • storage solutions: closets, attics, garages, basements

    • children’s rooms, playrooms

  • Relocations

    Move/Downsizing/Consolidation Assistance

    Professional assistance pre- and post-move. Our pre-move services assist clients through the sorting and purging process determining which items they currently own will go best in their new home and providing options for the items that will not transfer. We can help clients downsize into a smaller space or consolidate and blend furniture and pieces for newly combined households or provide a space plans to make the move as effortless as possible. Our post-move services assist during the unpacking process by helping place, organize and arrange your client’s home with our professional design eye that ensures they make the most of their new home.

  • Real Estate Staging

    Our goal is to create a better first impression to maximize appeal to a wide demographic of prospective buyers. Staging helps maximize a home’s attributes, minimizes its flaws, and define each space. Instead of designing for the client currently in the home, staging turns the home into a canvas for prospective buyers that helps them see themselves and their things in the home for sale. We work with the seller’s existing furniture and items, and provide guidance on color, and additional items which enhance the home for maximum appeal and value. Home Edit can help maximize appeal to a wide demographic for a smoother, faster sale.

    The process:

    Initial Consultation


    We start by meeting in person for  consultation. This consultation covers an assessment of your space: what works, what does not, and a discussion of your overall vision for the space. We will define a plan of action, discuss project nuances, pre-work shopping (if appropriate), sign the contract, and set a date/time to start work. Project work can be completed cooperatively with you or independently, in your absence. Regardless, we require some level of interaction with you in order to address questions that may arise.  We encourage you to ask questions and/or make suggestions; this is your home and your life! Please note, each project is approached on a case by case basis, and our process is designed to accommodate each unique scenario individually.

    If your primary objective is organization, the process begins by sorting and purging items according to how you use them. It is often ideal for you to be present during the sort and purge phase. However, if you can not, we will provide advice for you to sort and purge effectively on your own or we can do this in your absence. Once you/we have completed sorting and purging we will organize the space. We will always request your permission, if additional services (shopping, redesign, etc.) are required.

    Interior redesign is often more efficient in your absence, however it can be conducted with or without you present.   For these services, we will discuss your vision and needs for the space at the initial consultation, then develop a design plan and proceed as agreed.  We ask that you be available via phone to address questions as they arise.

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  • please scroll through our portfolio


    3 different homes, same furnishings


    When investing in furnishings and home accessories, it IS possible to utilize these purchases within a different home and town without missing a beat.





    Todd Residence


    Talk about a birthday gift!  This lucky 13 year old’s bedroom was given a total transformation with a purchase budget of $1,000.  We transformed a once directionless bedroom, into a teenager’s dream.


    Carlton Residence


    Edit, Order and Color.  That was the name of the game for the Carlton home.  Utilizing many of their own pieces, we were able to move furnishings from room to room and edit items that were no longer needed.  Their teenagers bedroom was also given a brand new look suited for her age.


    Cunningham Residence


    Collectors.  That describes the Cunningham’s in one word.  The main issue presented was lack of wall space and an eclectic gathering of furnishings and accessories.  The goal was to make the spaces feel inclusive of one another and to give their eclectic pieces balance.


    Belcher Residence


    The Belcher home was in need of some TLC.  The budget was minimal and the timing, 4 days from start to finish. So we made due with many owned pieces and incorporated them into the overall design.  Cream colored paint gave a warmth to the room and was a great starting point.




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    “Renee has an uncanny ability to read people, and in that she finds what people are looking for in their homes.  She has always said that our homes are the ultimate expression of our life experience and they are constantly evolving.  As different stages in our lives present different design challenges, Renee strives to create a personal environment that reflects our interests and taste.

    I have known Renee for over 10 years and have seen, first hand, her ability to enhance the feeling of our own home.  Renee has the energy and foresight to put together a room that is practical and livable, as well as creative and comfortable.”

    Colleen O’Donnell
    Bellevue, Washington

    “Renee came in and transformed my house from a dull and uninspiring living space, into a colorful and warm expression of my personal style and taste. With as many hours as I work, I have little time to worry about the image my home is conveying, but with Renee’s help I was able to finally make my house a home. Her artistic eye can turn any environment into a memorable and comfortable space!”

    Rob Belcher
    Hollywood, California

    “When we chose to give our home a complete face-lift, I really liked what I had purchased, but it never seemed perfect.  Renee came in and moved everything around and it’s like I have whole new rooms.  She helped change the flow and make sense and order with all of my “stuff”.  I worked with Renee again when I was struggling with how to transform a space in our home into a teens playroom that could double as a guest room.  Renee designed a murphy bed system with a big flat screen tv.  As needs arise, I can easily change the room into a guest room that adults can enjoy or change it into a teen hangout.  It is perfect and Renee was truly great and just what I needed.”

    Cindy Lohman
    Bellevue, Washington

    “We were lucky enough to bid on a home consultation and “make over” at a silent auction. We were in “shock and awe” at Renee’s amazing sense of style and ability to take our eclectic look and make it into something much more polished but still very much belonging to us. She did all this with a great sense of humor and finesse. We can’t wait to use her services again in the near future.”

    Greg and Jane Custer
    Bend, Oregon

    “Renee McGahan of Home Edit has a real sense of style. She can walk into a room and instantly know exactly what may need to be changed. If you want to love walking into your home, Renee can help achieve that. I love what she did for my living room. She is the Nate Burkus of Bend!”

    Renee Axotis
    San Ramon, California

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    It’s not free, but we make it obtainable!

    We don’t want our fee structure to be a hindrance to contacting us. Our goal is to provide the opportunity to achieve the reality of our joint vision.

    We look forward to assessing your needs and requirements that would meet your ultimate goal; an environment in which you are proud to entertain family and friends and call home.

    Transitioning your house to a home is a gift. A gift of creating an environment that showcases who you really are, not who we think you want to be. We believe that the key to your success is our ability to work together in a joint collaboration.

    Our fee is $100/hour

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